About Us

Who are these two crazy California girls?

We  moved  here  from  Escondido,  CA  (just  north  of  San  Diego)  on  December  26,  2019.  Once  we  got  through  our  first  winter  here...and  decided  to  stay  LOL,  Kim  opened  up  a  storefront  for  a  healing  crystal,  spiritual  store  that  she  formerly  had  online.  My  18  year-old  son  was  so  bored,  because  there  was  nothing  to  do  for  someone  his  age,  I  was  a  Realtor  in  San  Diego, I  got  my  license out  here,  but  knew  NO  ONE,  there  was  no  “Coffee”  Coffee  in  town ,  so  we  decided  what  better  way  to  meet  people  than  to  open  up  a  coffeehouse.   

We  decided to make it living room “style”. We thought it would be so cool to make it look like Central Perk. We made one post about it on social media and it Exploded. Radio and TV stations started talking about it all over the country! A week later, Marcus Theaters contacted us about an auction they were holding to benefit Children’s Wisconsin in which they were auctioning off one of THE Orange Couches from Warner Bros. We asked them if we could do a fundraiser to see if we could raise enough money to buy it for the coffeehouse and WE DID IT! We got the couch  and  were  able  to  raise  over  $11,000  for  Children’s Wisconsin.    

Can you believe we get to have a Coffeehouse THIS cool in little ole Twin Lakes, Wisconsin  with  live  music,  trivia  nights,  and  a  liquor  license  to  make  it  even  more  interesting!?!?  We  can’t  believe  the  amazing  journey  that  this  coffeehouse  has  taken  us  on.   We  are  so  blessed  to  have  had  such  a  great  bunch  of  people  to  come  on  the  journey  with  us  through  social  media!  We look forward to meeting all of you.

Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse,  LLC  

Dena Prestininzi & Kim Hill