Where Friends Meet

Good  Times,  Good  Music ,  Good  Food  &  Really  Good  Coffee!

FRIENDS Fans Welcome!

OPENING  LATE  JANUARY  2020 !!  We  are  a  Central  Perk”ish”  Hometown  Coffeehouse  with  as  many  Friends  references  as  possible  to  make  you  feel  as  if  you  are  one  of  the  gang.  We  will  be  offering  your  favorite  Friends  dishes  and  desserts  along  with  some  of  our  own.  Not  only  are  we  serious  about  coffee,  live  music,  and  our  food, but  we  are  serious  fans  ourselves  and  will  always  try  to  keep  it  new  and  fresh  with  Game  Nights,  Trivia  Nights,  Special  Events,  Open  Mic  Nights,  and  much  much  more!

You will be able to Reserve “THE ORANGE COUCH”

We wanted to open up a coffeehouse, and decided to make it living room “style”. We thought it would be so cool to make it look like Central Perk. We made one post about it on social media and it Exploded! Radio & TV stations started talking about it all over the country! A week later, Marcus Theaters contacted us about an auction they were holding to benefit Children’s Wisconsin in which they were auctioning off one of the Central Perk Orange Couches from Warner Bros. We asked them if we could do a fundraiser to see if we could raise enough to money to buy it for the coffeehouse and WE DID IT! We raised $7500 in TWO days in exchange for reserved time on the couch! WE GOT THE COUCH! We are now going to be a full blown Friends Themed Coffeehouse in lil’ ol’ Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. We are planning on opening January of 2020. The opening date will be released as soon as construction is done.  We look forward to meeting all of you!

So Much More than Coffee

Although we offer a wide variety of hot &  iced drinks, including herbal  tea,  cold  pressed  juices,  kombucha,  &  even  Hot  Mocholate!!  We also offer Keto,  Gluten  Free,  Sugar  Free, Grain  Free,  Vegetarian &  Vegan  Options!!!   So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, or  gourmet  pizzas  while  watching  some  Live  Music,  we've got you covered!